Here you will find a few ptc tips and even a few ptc "tricks" that will make your job of clicking ads and marketing your business a bit easier.

The best piece of advice we can give you is to be consistent and patient.

The average person will click a few ads, maybe for a month or 2, and then quit because they are not making a TON of money...the average person will also stay poor for the rest of their life. If you really want to be successful in any venture you must be consistent and patient. 

The first thing that will make your job of clicking ads for 1 or more sites a lot easier is to make a "FOLDER" that contains the links for each ptc site.

Depending on the browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer etc.) you can make a folder in your "BOOK MARKS". Simply copy and paste the link (URL) of each paid to click site. Then when you open that folder all of your paid to click sites' links will be available for you to click and open each site.

If you can't remember what paid to click sites you signed up for, just drop us a line and we will send you your sites.

If you want the links for all the currently accepted sites, go to the "SELECT YOUR NEW PTC PROGRAMS" page.

 A tip for Clixsense is to install the Toolbar in your browser and new ads appear all day when you are on the internet, you receive new ads instantly when they are advertised with Clixsense which gives you 2-3 times the amount of ads you would receive if you only go to the website once a day to click on the ads.

Some ptc sites require that you keep the ad "open" while the timer is running. For these sites, if you open a new tab the timer will stop. That slows down the process a GREAT deal. 

To eliminate this delay you have two options:

1- Don't work with sites that require you to keep the ad open.

2- Use a SECOND computer for those sites. You simply log into those sites with your SECOND computer and let the ad run while you are working with the ads on your first computer.

If you know a tip or trick that helps you, please send it in and we will post it here. You can email us at or you can use the "CONTACT US" form to send in your tip or trick. Remember, when you help others in a forced matrix, you are helping yourself.


The whole idea of marketing is to get new members to join...obviously.

The best way to get new members to join under you is to BUY referrals from Ptc Groups...especially when they are on SALE.

The next best way is to participate in the COOPERATIVE MARKETING PROGRAMS.

If your marketing budget is limited, like most of our members, the best way to market is to use FREE programs. The only FREE programs we know about right now are "TRAFFIC EXCHANGES".

With traffic exchanges you simply click ads and you receive "credits". You use the credits to display your ad for this program. If you don't have your ad for ptc-group simply send us a support request and we will send you the link for your own unique splash page that contains YOUR referral link. That way, when new members sign up, they will sign up under YOU. The referral link found on your splash page can also be used for any direct marketing that you wish to do. If you don't have a unique splash page, just drop us a request by using the CONTACT US form to request your free splash page with your referral link.

The best traffic exchanges we have found are:




The unique thing about the three traffic exchanges above is that you can open several tabs at once. That means you can surf several ads at once. That means you can get credits MUCH faster because you are looking at several ads at the SAME TIME.



The two traffic exchanges above are old and very reliable. There are many, many more traffic exchanges but these are enough to get your splash page or ads out there and seen by literally THOUSANDS of people. Again, if you know of really good traffic exchanges that have produced results for you, please let us know and we will post them.

Of course the people who are clicking on the ads at traffic exchanges are people who are trying to earn credits to show YOU THEIR your results will be somewhat limited.

If you can budget a few dollars every week or so for marketing you will do much better and your business will grow MUCH FASTER. Take a look at out MARKETING BASICS page for more information about marketing.


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