How Ptc Groups Works

Ptc Groups was developed because clicking ads at PTC sites alone just didn't make very much money..... pure and simple.

Yes, clicking ads is what the members do but with Ptc Groups every one who joins after you is under YOU!

Then you make money not only from your clicks but much more from the new members who join after YOU!

When you join Ptc Groups you chose how many ptc sites you want to work with.

You may work with just one ptc site or as many as you have time for.

Remember, the more sites you work with the more money you make.

Also, remember that you can have several ads running at the same time in different tabs on your computer.

The time it takes to click all the ads available for a day is about 15 minutes once you get the hang of it....but if you log into several ptc sites and open several ads at at the same time, you can click all the ads available for the day at SEVERAL sites.

Each ptc site has its own minimum payout amount. The MINIMUM PAYOUT AMOUNT is the amount of money you must have in your account at a given ptc site before you can request a payout.

You simply click the “REQUEST WITHDRAWAL” icon at the ptc site and the ptc site will process your payment to your payment PayPal or Payza.

Some ptc sites have a different label to request your “PAYOUT” or “REQUEST PAYMENT”. For most sites, it is very easy to request your payout.

Once you receive your payout from the ptc site(s) you work with, you simply deposit that payout into your Ptc Groups account using PayPal or Payza   and sending it to:

Some members make their deposits BEFORE they actually get their payouts in order to get into the matrix programs sooner. Just be SURE to mention what ptc site your deposit is for and include you user name.

What can you expect to earn from each ptc site you work with?

Hold onto your hat.....when you work with Ptc Groups can make up to $5,000 each and every month for EACH ptc site you work with!

Just think, if you worked with 10 ptc sites, you could be earnings up to $50,000 each and every month.

We went from just wanting to make an extra $500 a month to being able to earn over $50,000 a month!

Now, let's look at exactly HOW you make that kind of money.

Ptc Groups designed its program to be what is called a CLOSED MATRIX.  In our case, we use a "straight-line"matrix.

In other words, when a new member joins after you join, that new member goes under you in the straight-line matrix system.

In our straight-line matrix there is only 1 person per level....but you go as deep as necessary to get to the $5,000/month level.

The result is that you not only make money for clicking your ads, but as long as you are current, you also make money from ALL of the current members who join after you when they make their deposits...up to $5,000 for every ptc site you work with.

Now, it doesn't happen over night. It takes a bit of time for new members to join under you. Ptc Groups does a LOT of marketing to attract new members, but there is one thing that most of the successful members do themselves...they do a bit of marketing as well.

We'll talk a bit more about marketing in another page. But for now, remember that marketing is optional for the members of Pct Groups...but it is recommended that all the members do some type of marketing themselves.

Before we get to marking we want to mention just a few words about commitment.

A lot of people join programs that probably would work IF the people would simply stick to it.

Unfortunately, a lot of people simply get tired or board and when they don't see IMMEDIATE results they quit.

Many people begin to have doubts that the program they are working can actually work and produced a very good income eventually.

Let us reassure you right here and now that this program WILL WORK.....IF you commit yourself to it and do your part.

The people who will be very successful with Pct Groups are the ones who will keep at it and commit to it. Simply making it a habit to click your ads every day is a good start.

The next commitment to make is to advertise your business regularly.

Of course many people simply don't have any extra money to put into marketing right up front...if you do you are very fortunate and your business will succeed faster than those who delay their marketing...but take heart...we are going to tell you how to get a good bit of GREAT marketing for FREE!

Now, before we actually get into marketing, we need to go ahead and get you signed up with Ptc Groups and start selecting the ptc programs you will be working with.



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