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Looking for home business ideas? Since you are visiting our web site, you are probably like we were a few years ago when we were looking for home business ideas to supplement our income.

In today's economy many people are having the same type of problem:

Reaching the end of the money before the end of the month!

Most people today really need a bit more money to simply pay their bills or maybe even to take the family to Disney World for a few days.

If that describes you and you are looking for home business ideas, you've come to the right web site.

Soon we will tell you how we found my perfect home business and how it has been doing. But, we thought it might be very helpful to you to tell you about our search and some of the pitfalls we encountered along the way in hopes that we might help you avoid some of the mistakes we made early on.

Now, if you are an internet “GURU” and you know just about everything there is to know about internet-based, work from home programs, you can skip ahead and go down to Our Final Decision”...

.....but, we HIGHLY recommend that you continue reading...you might just learn something new.

As we mentioned, several years ago we were looking for good home business ideas that would lead to a “perfect home business”.

We knew that the Internet was a great place to start looking for home business ideas since we wanted to work from home on a part time basis. So....we jumped in and started evaluating the programs available on the Internet.

We wanted to keep an open mind and thoroughly evaluate each and every option that was offered...and BOY..were there a LOT of options!

Initially, we were very CONFUSED about all the information on home business ideas that were presented and we really did not know where to start.

We've always tried to be very organized when we approach a new idea so we started writing down the most important characteristics a perfect home business would have.

The very first thing we wanted....or didn't want.....was to have to INVEST a lot of money right up front.

That ruled out franchises and quite a lot of other programs. What we really wanted was something we could start with NOTHING down and re-invest some of the money we made..maybe something along the lines of data entry jobs.

Well, THAT ruled out a LOT more of the programs from our home business ideas list.

It was interesting that we found some programs that actually wanted to CHARGE you a hefty fee to “teach” you how to make money!

It made us wonder, “if they knew how to make so much money, WHY did they need to charge us to “teach” us how to make money?

Then there were some home business ideas that advertised “FREE TO JOIN”....but then we found out that to make the program work, we had to invest a good bit of our hard earned money!

The next important criteria we set was that we REALLY did NOT want to have to SELL PRODUCTS...especially products that most people would never buy if they were not part of a program that required you to buy and sell their products....

THAT ruled out a LOT of home business ideas as well.

So far, we knew that we didn't want to have to invest much money (preferably none) to get started and we did not want to have to SELL products.

The next most important criteria was that we really did not want to have to CALL prospects to try to convince them to join our program...nor did we want to HAVE to go to MEETINGS every week to get “pumped up” to go out and try to sell products and get new members to join the program.

Now, you may be getting a little impatient right about now and want us to tell you exactly what we are doing now...but one of the MAIN problems that most people looking for an opportunity have is that they just don't spend enough time evaluating a home business idea before they jump in.

The result is a LOT of wasted time and in MOST cases a good bit of WASTED MONEY!

So, please take some advice from someone who has already made most of the mistakes...

PLEASE take just a bit of time to LEARN about the BEST characteristics of the PERFECT HOME BUSINESS.

If you are in a BIG hurry right now, bookmark this page and come back to it when you have a bit more time to learn about home business ideas and possibly become involved in My Perfect Home Business...possibly YOUR perfect home business...in most cases, you will thank us later.

So, we had three characteristics on our home business ideas list :

  1. We did not want to have to INVEST a lot of money in a business to get started,
  2. We did not want to have to SELL products and
  3. We did not want to have to CALL prospects and try to convince them to join our program nor go to weekly meetings.

The next thing we wanted was a program where we did not have to spend a LOT of TIME everyday doing the business...we wanted to spend maybe an hour or two at the most, a few days a week.

We were hoping to find something like a high-paying data entry job.

The perfect home business idea we FINALLY found required only around 15 to 30 minutes a day and only 4-5 days a week.  

We also wanted a business that had a very good PROFIT POTENTIAL.

In other words, we did not want to work for a few dollars an hour...heck we could get a JOB and do that!

Our initial goal was to be able to make around $500 extra a month. With an extra $500 a month we could pay a lot of bills and maybe even start to put a little away into savings every month.

The best home business idea we finally found has a MUCH higher earning potential than $500 a month! It actually has an unlimited earning potential and that excited us very much.

We actually saw where we could be earning several THOUSAND dollars a month in the near future.

Another thing we added to our home business ideas list was the OPTION to go to training meetings IF we wanted to..for FREE.

We wanted to be able to talk with other members of the program and learn the “secrets” of successful people in the program. We also wanted to be able to meet the actual owners of the program, look them in the eyes and shake their hand.

The final criteria on our list of home business ideas was the company’s marketing program. We wanted a company who marketed the program themselves and sent us people READY to join without us having to convince them.

We had joined a large company several years ago that used radio advertisements to attract new members and we really liked the idea…until we learned that we had to pay them $250 each month to be a part of the radio campaign…OUCH! ...and then we had to call those prospects ourselves!

So right about now you’re probably wondering if a company actually exists that met all of our criteria.

But hold on, we’ll get to the really good part in just a few minutes.

We would like to briefly review the things that were really important to us so that you can be fully prepared to evaluate the program we currently work with and decide if it is YOUR perfect home business.

Also, if you are currently in some other home business you might want to compare it to MY perfect home business.

1) A very low initial cost to start…this one is FREE to join and is forever FREENO upgrades or memberships to buy later.

2) No selling of “products”. No requirements to buy “products” and stock them.

3) No calling potential prospects to convince them to join.

4) Minimum time requirements…. 15 to 30 minutes a day 4 to 5 days a week.

5) Good profit potential…MY perfect home business has unlimited profit potential.

6) Training meetings OPTIONAL…yep, they have training meetings in nearby locations that are free to attend…and you can actually talk to the owners, look them in the eye and shake their hand. (Meetings in Europe and Asia are to be scheduled in the future.) We wanted a company that was trustworthy and not a SCAM.

7) Marketing by the company was very extensive and included radio ads across the USA. All members benefit from the company’s marketing and there is no charge for it. They even have an "Apprentice Program" where the admin or upper-level managers will take you under their wing and help you get going. 

So, there you have it; all of our criteria that we developed for our perfect home business.

 What is the name of the perfect home business? Be patent my friend, we’ll get there. But please allow us to tell you a bit more about the “type” of program we found.

If you have been looking for your very own perfect home business on the Internet we’re sure you have come across a lot of different types of programs…just like we did when we were looking.

You may have even tried a few programs, maybe even made a little money from a few of them…but if you are like 98% of all the people who join an Internet program you LOST money…and TIME!

Please don’t feel embarrassed by that..because WE did the same thing..we LOST money and TIME in EVERY program we tried.

We almost got to the point that we felt there WAS no program on the Internet that was trustworthy and one that ordinary people could be successful with. Then we found my perfect home business.


Here’s some interesting information that will astound you just like it did us when we read it:

Companies spend billions of dollars on the Internet for marketing every year.

Yep, that’s BILLIONS with a “B”. There are actually companies that will PAY you to click on their ads.

That’s basically all we do; we click on a few ads every day and we make money for doing it…BUT, that’s not the best part.

The company that developed the program we now work with shares its profits with the members as well.

We make a LOT more from that aspect of the business than we do clicking ads.

There are thousands of companies on the Internet that want to advertise their goods or services to people who are browsing on the Internet.

Several hundred other companies (called pay to click or ptc) take those advertisements, display them on the Internet and PAY people to click on those ads.

Now, I know that some of you have read about pay per click programs or even TRIED a few of them yourselves…and you did not make a lot of (if any) money.

A few of you have joined pay to click programs, worked for weeks or even months and never received even one cent for your labor.

The reason for that is you joined a SCAM (dishonest) pay to click program.

You joined it because you didn’t know any better..and so did we. We lost more than we care to admit with SCAM Internet sites.

Many pay to click programs are SCAM sites.

You work hard, submit a pay request and they never respond. Sadly, there is apparently no one who polices the Internet and prosecutes these SCAM sites.

So why do we continue to work with pay to click programs?

We found a way to have the programs “checked out” BEFORE we joined them..

AND we found a company who actually recommends trustworthy programs…

AND they are the ones that pay us a portion of their profits in addition to the money we make clicking ads. Yep, it’s the company that we work with now and it is MY perfect home business.

The company that actually coordinates all of this is called Ptc Groups. They work with an independent investigative company called Ptc-Investigation.

The pay to click programs that are on the “approved” list are the only ones they recommend.

So, the basic type of business we work with is called pay to click, or PTC...but, the real benefit or working with Ptc Groups is that we can all be assured that they WILL pay us when we submit a valid pay request.

They do the homework for us and only recommend trustworthy ptc programs.

So there you have it. Can you make a lot of money? Yes, you can.

Can you make a lot of money overnight? No, it does take a little time to build a strong business for yourself and your family...but it does happen.

If you are in a big hurry to sign up you can jump to our Join Now! page...but we actually recommend that you continue to read and learn about the pay to click basics BEFORE you actually join us.

If you can't wait to join click the link below:

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If you want to read a bit more about the basics of the ptc industry, and we HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT, click the link below:


Whatever you decide we wish you the very best!

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